Style does not need to be sacrificed to lower your carbon footprint. Follow Kim on Instagram for fashion and home decorating advice.

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Caught up in daily tasks and raising a family? So am I. Read my blog as I try to become a conscious consumer while maintaining my sanity and taking care of my family. Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I try to smile my way through.

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We need to stop our addiction to fossil fuels. Driving electric is one way  transition and reduce your carbon footprint. Watch our Youtube channel Like Tesla to learn more.

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Kim’s Message

If you love following fashion and home lifestyle trends but are also concerned about preserving the planet, you’ve come to the right place.  I hope to inspire and help navigate your transition off of fossil fuels.



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If you have a sustainable product or idea that you would like to be featured. We’d love to hear more about it.

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