“Fossil Fuels With $550 Billion Subsidies Hurt Renewables”

“The huge subsidies fossil fuels enjoy worldwide gives incentives to their consumption, which means that I’m paying you to pollute the world and use energy inefficiently,” Fatih Birol, chief economist at the IEA (International Energy Agency), said at a news conference in London today.

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“Stop Trump from wrecking the climate”

“A Pew Research Center poll from spring 2015 found the majority of people in all 40 countries surveyed see climate change as a serious problem. This is an issue that has galvanized the planet. My hope is that Trump will realize it’s in his interest — as well as ours — to face up to reality.”

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See NASA’s Dramatic Climate Charts

The recent and dramatic rise in carbon dioxide is among the single biggest indicators that humans are indeed influencing long term global weather patterns (ie climate).

See climate charts here.